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I love all styles of music

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About Me

Growing up in a Showbusiness family in London has certainly given me the skills and background to be involved in the Entertainment Industry. Having grown up around some Major Movie Stars, Actors, Singers and was inevitable that I would fall into the "2nd Oldest profession!"

As a Child Actor,(going to Barbra Speake Stage School in Acton with Phil Collins) I was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.. Oliver.., Girl On a Motorcycle (with Marianne Faithful) as well as a number of BBC TV series in England.

In Australia, I was in bands as a Lead singer and Guitarist/Keyboard player supporting INXS on their first tour. Following on I embarked into the Advertising and Marketing Industry owning 2 Full Service Agencies producing over 1500 TV commercials, Jingles as well as Special Project DVD's as a Writer, Producer and Director.

My passion has always been towards talented people with a special talent or potential. To assist them in performing, marketing and branding themselves is a's a tough Business and nobody is guaranteed to "make it"...but as long as you can enjoy the Journey and get to perform regularly.....I will always be there to offer my contacts, experience and networks to take you as far as you can go.